#strugglesinItaly: they do exist, but they have a little problem with foreign languages…

by @jumpinshark, useful summing-up of a discussion that’s going on among Italian media activists. As a first step toward solving this embarrassing problem, a group of people has decided to start a blog half-ironically called – after a weird documentary Jean-Luc Godard made in 1969 – “Struggles in Italy” (not yet on line, they’re working on the first posts), to provide info & stories in several languages on the radical struggles taking place in Italy (against cuts, “Austerity”, racism, exploitation, privatisation of the commons, destruction of the environment and so on). We really hope these comrades will do a work for which the movement(s) will thank them, and wish them the best of luck.

What We’ve (and Haven’t) Been Up to in the Last Four Months

Since last April, we have published 37 articles on Giap, our blog in Italian. Most of them are lengthy stuff. They often generated several hundreds of comments, and debates that went on for weeks. A discussion on Italy, financial capital, the ever-agonizing Burlesquoni government and the current economic crisis is still in full swing after more than a month.
We wrote pieces – or gave talks which were recorded and put on the blog for download – on the recent uprisings all over Europe and the Mediterranean, with particular focus on the Spanish “Indignados”.
We talked about riots, workers’ struggles in Italy and the amazing “No TAV” movement in Piedmont, North-Western Italy (which we regard as one of the most advanced experiences of self-organisation and grassroots resistance to capitalism).
We commented upon the 10th anniversary of the G8 summit in Genoa, the murder of Carlo Giuliani etc. (more…)

We collected our tweets on the #Londonriots #UKriots

First time we used Storify.
N.B. Click on “Read more” to go on with the flow. It may sound like useless advice, but you’d be surprised to hear how many people fail to see those two little blue words :-)

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