Altai’s first week: straight to the 5th place

The Italian bestseller list as appearing today in La Stampa daily paper,
book sales 16-22 November 2009.

Aren’t we your heroes?


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  1. Yes you are heroes to me. Which means I will have to metaphorically kill you at some point. The way I had to kill James Joyce. The way I had to dispose of Italo Calvino. The way I had to remove Trocchi. The way I still have to murder Beckett and Machen…

    If you would like a free copy of Southampton Dada by Nick Rogers please let me know. Please see the website for more info.
    Daniel Pounds (Founder & Editor Cant Books, Norwich, U.K.)

  2. admin says:

    Whatever you decide to do, at least we’ll be in good company.

  3. Alex Kaplan says:

    Will Altai be translated into English or should I learn to read Italian? As if Vico, Dante, Calvino, Calasso, Umberto Eco would not be motivation enough.

  4. admin says:

    It will be translated into English and published by Verso, most likely in 2011. But yes, definitely, you should also learn to read Italian! :-)

  5. umberto vianello says:

    Dear Sirs,
    please could you tell us when Altai will be translated in English and will be available?

  6. Wu Ming says:

    It is under translation, that’s for sure because we’re in touch with Shaun Whiteside who’s doing the work. As yet, we don’t know when Verso will publish it.

  7. Il Rotativa says:

    Dear Wus,
    I can’t read italian neither. And if I could read it in english, l would prefer to wait the french traduction, if it’s scheduled. Do you know if Metailié will publish it ? (or another publisher)
    La Rotative

  8. Wu Ming says:

    Unfortunately Altai will not be published in France any time soon. France is the only European country where Q wasn’t successful, it was published and then quickly forgotten. Altai is related to Q, and this is a problem for French publishers.

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