A riot in the street outside: A profile of Wu Ming in The Guardian

Christopher Tayler spent a day with us in Bologna and now his article is in today’s The Guardian:

The group also persuaded a famous investigative show to look into the case of one Harry Kipper, a non-existent English artist who was said to have vanished in Italy while tracing the word “art” on the continent by bike.
The British avant-gardist Stewart Home, who obligingly posed as a concerned friend of Kipper’s when an Italian TV crew duly showed up in London, became friendly with the future Wu Mings at this time. They were, he says, “very smart and very funny”, lovers of good food and drink who were also up for “lots of headbanging discussions of Marx and left-communist theorists such as Amadeo Bordiga. I went over to Italy and they hosted a reading for me. They even put me up in a flat, and a riot went off in the street outside while I was there – so they really were the perfect hosts.”


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  1. Leo says:

    Cesare Battisti is in hunger strike, since friday 13.
    Monday (tomorrow), Lula and Burlesconi will meet for dinner.

    Cesare wrote a letter for Lula e the brazilians;

    it can be read here, in portuguese: http://www.cesarelivre.org/node/183

  2. admin says:

    Since no-one in the English speaking world knows this case, and there is no English version of the FAQs on Cesare Battisti:
    the only resource is the English language wikipedia entry (which, unfortunately, is biased and very approximative in some passages):
    Battisti has declared that he’ll commit suicide if the Brazilian authorities decide in favour of extradition.

  3. admin says:

    An article by Leo Vinicius in English:
    Cesare Battisti, New Thing and Goodbye Mr Socialism

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