Manituana. English translation. Now Downloadable for Free

PDF, 13.7 mb

MOBI, 5.9 mb

ePUB, 4.7 mb
[Mind you, we used Calibre to convert from pdf to ePUB, and the result is CRAP. As we're just middle-age men of humanities, this is the most we can do at the moment. If you choose the latter format, you'll have to improve the layout yourself.]

Translated by Shaun Whiteside
Published by Verso Books
[They've got quite a cool website, by the way]

About Manituana

Download is completely gratis et amore dei. However, if you want to make a donation to support our work, please click the button below.

And if you decided to buy the book all the same, that would obviously be really fucking, uh, great.
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  3. [...] zijn in het Nederlands vertaald; Manituana (nog?) niet. Maar we kunnen ons nu troosten met de gratis download (in pdf, mobi of ePUB) van de engelse [...]

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  5. Farida says:

    Thanks for the free book and to read in I-Pad, because of the free pdf. Once again thanks.

  6. amrlima says:

    Hi there wu ming! Any chance the English version of Altai is going to be available for download? I would be donating for my download of course :).  (Austerity is giving us a really hard time here in Portugal).
    I bought Manituana English version a few months ago but I think I’ll have to read Altai in the computer screen.
    By the way, any plans to have Altai translated to Portuguese any time soon or at all?
    Thank you for all your work which I follow since Q :),

  7. Wu Ming says:

    Hi there, yes, Altai will be available for download, in due time. We’re overloaded with work, be patient :-)

  8. amrlima says:

    Hi! Thanks!! I’ll be patient and wait a little longer :).

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